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Missives and Mayhem

E'Ataran Exigencies

Fantasy and Legends Organization
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Fantasy and Legends
Fantasy and Legends
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This community is for the exclusive use of members and friends of the Fantasy and Legends Organization.


Membership is restricted to individuals who have attended one or more gathers of the Fantasy and Legends Organization.

Subject Matter that is appropriate to this community includes anything that is related to the Fantasy and Legends Organization. A good rule of thumb is that if your family, co-workers, and casual bar acquaintances would understand your post, it probably doesn't belong here. Feel free to roleplay, submit writing and roleplay ideas for feedback, offer links to sites that teach how to create chainmail or garb or song, review books, and if you must, discuss the internal workings and politics of the Clan of the Heart.

Bribery is accepted in the form of gifts to keep this community's Paid Account status. Livejournal allows you to give a gift quite easily, so don't be shy. Alternately, you can send donations directly to the owner, otherlleft:

Maintainers are given said status because certain advantages of a paid account, such as creating polls, are only available to maintainers. This community is moderated only as far as membership is concerned (with only complete strangers being rejected). Posts by members of the community are not to be moderated, as this is a place free of censorship. However, posts or comments that are not in keeping with the ideals of this medieval-fantasy group are to be avoided.
clan of the heart, clerics, dwarves, elves, faeries, fairies, falo, hedge-witches, mead, medieval, music, paladins, renaissance, role-play, wizards