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Like I said

Like I said, I don't see any harm in it. I like it. This is a Live Journal page that anyone that is a member can post on. The moderators are good people. It is a Live Journal page, not a webpage with static content. I just hope you guys don't have and trouble as moderators. I wish you luck. Imagine if you run into problems like the Elders do, like a member of FALO misusing this LJ in someway and you want to not let them post. I guess it would not be as bad as the stuff the Elders have to deal with like guest banishment or being unwelcomed at a particular gather site.

People can be soooo hard to deal with. We can get emotional, we can miscommunicate or just plain fuck up. I am trying to moderate between two friends that are fighting right now and FALO is always dealing with crazy things. I really don't envy the Elders with the crap we give them to deal with. They care so much (sometimes to much) and are rarely appreciated (well, they are, but it doesn't get communicated).

I am rambling. (it continues) I was just talking to someone, or maybe more that one person, and saying how it is funny how in all my years in FALO, NOTHING has really changed. Different people, different places maybe. There might be some climate changes. Ok I guess I shouldn't put NOTHING in capital letters. But Nothing major has changed. We get together to have fun in a very unique way, and we argue about polital crap that often seems silly (not a comment on any particular arguement).

I always hope we can focus more on fun and less on the other stuff.

Anyone have any good roleplay planned? I bet there is going to be a lot at the next gather. I wish all the gather sites weren't planned already. We are buying a house and I think it will be a really good gather site. The backyard could be bigger but I still think it will be really good. I am looking forward to being able to set it up, alter it, decorate and landscape it any way I want.
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