monkeybuzz (monkeybuzz) wrote in eataran_lj,

FALO "Yardsale"

A few months back I posted

"Is there anyone interested in having a FALO "yard sale", not a swap-meet and not something open to the general public. I have a lot old garb that I don't wear either because I don't like it, it doesn't suit my character and frankly I don't see how it ever will (I made a lot of garb that I don't wear), or I just have too many of the same type of thing, this does not have to be done at a gather (it could be though). All proceeds would go the the seller unless they decide to donate part or all of it to the group."

I was thinking that the November gather would be a good time for this. I am going to see Myk and Donna this weekend and ask them about doing it at there house. For future reference I would be happy to organize this.

Lets all try to make this a reality
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