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Monday, October 22nd, 2007
5:51 am
FALO "Yardsale"
A few months back I posted

"Is there anyone interested in having a FALO "yard sale", not a swap-meet and not something open to the general public. I have a lot old garb that I don't wear either because I don't like it, it doesn't suit my character and frankly I don't see how it ever will (I made a lot of garb that I don't wear), or I just have too many of the same type of thing, this does not have to be done at a gather (it could be though). All proceeds would go the the seller unless they decide to donate part or all of it to the group."

I was thinking that the November gather would be a good time for this. I am going to see Myk and Donna this weekend and ask them about doing it at there house. For future reference I would be happy to organize this.

Lets all try to make this a reality
Friday, July 13th, 2007
12:24 pm
Is there anyone interested in having a FALO "yard sale", not a swap-meet and not something open to the general public. I have a lot old garb that I don't wear either because I don't like it, it doesn't suit my character and frankly I don't see how it ever will (I made a lot of garb that I don't wear), or I just have too many of the same type of thing, this does not have to be done at a gather (it could be though). All proceeds would go the the seller unless they decide to donate part or all of it to the group.
Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
9:28 am
From the Moonstone Ritual:
Moonstone holders also have been granted the important responsibility of inviting guests. There is a difference between possessing the characteristics we admire and being able to recognize a like mind in others. Nothing has a greater effect on us than the company we keep. We feel you are now capable of identifying a kindred spirit.
I now ask you. Will you take great care to only bring guests that will be honored by the clan?

I've been lucky enough to present three Moonstones. I get very excited and emotional every time I do it. Because of that I feel I don't do the best job in reciting (or even reading) the ritual. But every time I also get inspired by a different part of the ritual. This time it was the section I quoted above. I think it is because being Character Development Reeve has been keeping me busy lately. When helping set-up mentoring partnerships I think about both sides of the relationship.

Reading the above quote it seems to be about inviting guests but extending the scope it becomes about helping the next generation of stoneholder. Every guest is not going to become a stoneholder some day, some are even invited knowing they will never even consider it. But I know since we started using this ritual I am even more aware of the downstream effect when bringing new guests.

I know I'm not being very clear. I was kind of hoping writing would help me solidify my feelings on the topic. Anyway I thought I'd put it out there so others could add their 2 cents.
Wednesday, February 15th, 2006
6:04 pm
Book making
I been wanting to make a book for a long time now and I've finialy found some really simple plans for making one, I'm going to make future posts showing pictures of the prosess. Right now there just for sketchbooks but it can be used for alot of things like making books for pictures.
7:25 am
Just because it's a game doesn't mean I don't take it seriously.
Poll #673513 I'm missing a critical costume feature for an NPC.

What shall I do?

Hope people don't remember his white eyes.
Go out and buy the sixty-buck lenses and just be blind. Suffer for your art!
Invest in new prescription lenses. Money is not as important.
See if Ghost will lend you his white contacts.
Decline the offer to play him because you're a f*cknut.

How important is this, considering it's a prospective member that asked me to play the NPC?

Mean: 6.80 Median: 7 Std. Dev 0.40

Any other thoughts on this issue?

Current Mood: frustrated
Sunday, February 12th, 2006
9:43 pm
More Pookishness
The lad who played Nix will be going to the next gather, and he's going to play the character again . . . I'm not sure if it's because he loves the character, or just got the message that coming as some sort of uber-ninja wouldn't be all that cool.

The makeup didn't work out all that well. I had thought about asking monkeybuzz to make a raccoon mask for him, but he really didn't like that idea. I still think that, if he saw what it looked like, he'd love it, but I'm not going to push the issue.

I'm looking for ideas to make in say "raccoon" or "pookah" visually - he's pretty much got it down in how he acts.
12:31 pm
Okay, folks, I'm sorry to do this...but it's gotten to be pretty much ubiquitous, and it's embarrassing. So...

The word for people who would like to join FALO is spelled: prospectives.

It is not "perspectives," which is a word that means differing angles of view or perception.

I understand that not everybody is a great speller, but I think we should at least get this word right, out of respect to the people it identifies (and so they don't think we're idiots).
Saturday, February 11th, 2006
9:46 pm
Snowed in?
Is anyone else getting snowed in and thinking that it would be a great time to do some writing for the Daoine Sidhe? Or some character development (guests and perspectives)?

Current Mood: horny
8:56 pm
Like I said
Like I said, I don't see any harm in it. I like it. This is a Live Journal page that anyone that is a member can post on. The moderators are good people. It is a Live Journal page, not a webpage with static content. I just hope you guys don't have and trouble as moderators. I wish you luck. Imagine if you run into problems like the Elders do, like a member of FALO misusing this LJ in someway and you want to not let them post. I guess it would not be as bad as the stuff the Elders have to deal with like guest banishment or being unwelcomed at a particular gather site.

People can be soooo hard to deal with. We can get emotional, we can miscommunicate or just plain fuck up. I am trying to moderate between two friends that are fighting right now and FALO is always dealing with crazy things. I really don't envy the Elders with the crap we give them to deal with. They care so much (sometimes to much) and are rarely appreciated (well, they are, but it doesn't get communicated).

I am rambling. (it continues) I was just talking to someone, or maybe more that one person, and saying how it is funny how in all my years in FALO, NOTHING has really changed. Different people, different places maybe. There might be some climate changes. Ok I guess I shouldn't put NOTHING in capital letters. But Nothing major has changed. We get together to have fun in a very unique way, and we argue about polital crap that often seems silly (not a comment on any particular arguement).

I always hope we can focus more on fun and less on the other stuff.

Anyone have any good roleplay planned? I bet there is going to be a lot at the next gather. I wish all the gather sites weren't planned already. We are buying a house and I think it will be a really good gather site. The backyard could be bigger but I still think it will be really good. I am looking forward to being able to set it up, alter it, decorate and landscape it any way I want.

Current Mood: horny
4:33 pm
This LJ group puts itself out as a FALO live journal page and uses a FALO banner as the symbol.

Did the Elders approve of the moderators establishing the LJ page? I am not saying I object in any way because I know the moderators well enough to feel that they set it up for good reasons and will moderate it fairly. I just comment out of curiosity.
Thursday, February 9th, 2006
7:00 pm
Paid Status
There was a snafu with the paid account status - I tried to put it on my credit card to save five bucks, but you can't do that for a community, so it defaulted to my own account. That was resolved and we should be good shortly.

Polls are only able to be posted by maintainers of the community and, strangely, anyone else who has a paid account. If you would like to be a maintainer, this can be arranged, although such status would be revoked for abuse.

Bribery is a guarantee of becoming a maintainer - give the gift of a year of paid membership for the community and you're a shoo-in. I only say this because there are no jerks in our community. Yet.
8:09 am
Questions . . .
This account is now paid (I think), and I'd like some feedback about how to use it. Those of you who indicated willingness, kindly paypal your contribution to my email address (which is posted you-know-where if you don't have it).

Poll #669713 Test your knowledge

Do you have a paid account?

Maybe So

If so, what have you used it for?

Extra pics
Cool Layouts
Stuff you couldn't possibly understand, muwahahaha!!

Do you have any ideas for making this community just plain rock?

Are you willing to help make this community look and seem very cool?

Go to hell, freak
Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
9:54 am
Well, khallilelf has expressed that the Yahoo group may be an inappropriate forum for polls. We could do polls here, if this community were a paid account. Twenty bucks a year, or twenty-five if no one is stupid enough to link their credit card to it as a recurring payment.

If anyone is interested in contributing towards this, respond here. If we get enough interest I'll pay for it out of my own PayPal account.
Monday, February 6th, 2006
7:43 am
Moonstones (crossposted on Yahoo)
I love what the moonstone represents, and moonstone is one of my absolute favorite semiprecious stones.

From what I understand, the design itself is based on a long-ago conversation about Falo needing a symbol, and someone looked up at the sky, and it was a cloudy night with a full moon. (I'm sure if this is inaccurate someone will be kind enough to set the record straight.)

This night sky was turned into a symbol, which is fairly blobby looking in most cases, and then, when a new moonstone design was needed, it was burned onto wood.

My first reaction to our medallions is, "What could possibly be period about wearing a nametag?" My second is, "Ew, it has F.A.L.O. on it." The name of our group is not medieval fantasy in any way (despite a noble effort at revisionist history to make it an elven word), and tends to jerk me back into the modern world when I see it. A fair number of those so honored don't openly wear them, although I can't speak for their reasons.

However, tradition does not need a solid foundation to exist, and we've had the same design for a long time. The symbol, nondescript as it is, has probably been linked to our group by many.

I've made no bones about not caring for the design, but I offer a compromise: keep the basic design (symbol and stone on wood), but change the writing. Remove the FALO, or change it to elven or other cool-looking characters. Replace the member's name with a sigil to represent them - as an example, take a look at how Ellam writes his name on his artwork. A sigil combines letters of a name into a single symbol of great magical power. That would also reinforce the idea that moonstones have power.

This suggestion would address a lot of the concerns of those who want to change it and preserve a lot of its character for those who would like to see it stay the same.
Saturday, February 4th, 2006
9:39 am
Corporate Thoughts
First, I'm really glad that this forum is available for this discussion, since there are obviously strong opinions on both sides, and that suggests it was overdue to be discussed. I'm also glad that, although it's been a little rancorous, it looks like no one's taken it too personally.

I had a few open questions about incorporation. As I've stated, I am familiar with the process and the structure, both by having done so and working with incorporated non-profits, and I was originally supportive of the idea. It's been stated that incorporation would be transparent to the membership, and I need some clarification about that point.

If it's true that the Elders would function as officers, would that be automatic? Would all Elders be officers, and vice-versa? Officers are selected by the Board of Directors; who will be members? Board members are elected by shareholders; how does one acquire shares?

One concern that was raised was a repeat of the situation in which an Elder disappeared with the financial and insurance records - a corporate account and policy could solve that, since other officers could reconstruct the information more easily. If we incorporate we will have a seal, book of shares, ledger, minutes of annual meetings, etc. What safeguards would be put into place to prevent these documents from being lost?

Who would be permitted to be in attendance at the annual meeting? Who would not be permitted?

Will Falo pursue copyrights on its name and graphic representation, giving Falo, Inc., the right to prevent individuals from using same? What policies would be formed to keep our symbols from being used inappropriately? Who would participate in forming the definition of appropriate usage?

Will Falo, Inc., be purchasing financial software?

At what point will the corporation be required to have a financial review (which is less stringent than an audit) by a certified public accountant? What plans are in place to ensure a sufficient income stream to pay this additional expense? To whom will this report, and other financial reports, be available?

Will donations to Falo, Inc., be tax-deductible (i.e., will it have 501(c)(3) status)? If so, what will constitute a donation? Who will determine what portion of payments to such events as Springfest should be considered tax-deductible? Who will issue receipts to be used by the donors for their taxes?

Most important of all, is this a "done deal," as one Elder claimed to me?

I am looking forward to the answers to these questions, which I have no doubt have already been discussed.
Monday, January 30th, 2006
10:38 pm
Falo, Inc.
So, being that there hasn't been as much debate about this as I would like, what's everyone think about the idea of Falo becoming a corporation?

Current Mood: curious
9:58 am
First off, Regar and I have decided to skip Dancing Fox due to life being too hectic and parts of the apartment still looking like he just moved in (it has been 3 months). Hopefully next year.

Second, it was irking me that I had only gotten 2 responses to the "Welcomestones" email I sent out last Thursday. There are people who are usually so very good at responding to such things that hadn't yet. Then it dawned on me that maybe instead of hitting send I hit save as draft on the first batch (I find if I send anything to the whole clan in one email if often finds itself being sent to spam folders). Sure enough as soon as I sent the first batch "again" I got 3 replies almost immediately.

This brings me to the reason for this post. I still haven't gotten a chance to start up any dialogue on the mentoring process. I'm really concerned about it. I think about certain issues that I have had to tackle since becoming CDR and I want to fix things or something like that. At least get people thinking about it.

Here are some of the issues/situations I've encountered:
Had to remind a prospective that they can talk about their character development to stoneholders other than their mentor.
Had a big long serious conversation with a mentor about a prospective and then at the next gather had the same mentor tell me how they were working on a different "problem" then the one discussed that I had specifically told the mentor wasn't a problem.
Talked with a prospective about how s/he didn't think his/her mentor was good for him/her but didn't want to switch because of hurt feelings (and I agreed that it wasn't the best mentor/prospective match)
Prospectives wanting to un-prospective themself or a mentor wanting to break the relationship
Confusion about paperwork (where to get it, who submits it to who)

And most of these issues have happened more than once with more than one mentoring pair.

I post this all here hoping to get some talk going. You all know my email address so if you want to say something but don't want to post it here...

Current Mood: blah
Sunday, January 15th, 2006
11:33 am
Not too shabby
So a gather was had. I'm dead tired but very pleased. Not surprisingly, not many people showed up - Yule has a habit of having just enough bad weather to discourage people (I missed last year for similar conditions), plus we got some health cancellations. Too much food kicking around, but the cleanup shouldn't take all that long.
Wednesday, January 11th, 2006
5:36 pm
Yule Gather Lesson #1
If you shop for food when the teenager isn't home, tell him what he should not eat.
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